Sunday, August 23, 2015

Rapid Mindfulness Exercises

Body balance

1.                  Find a straight line  (eg. on the floor, on the pathway etc.) marked ~10 meters long
2.                  Imagine that you are a rope walker in the cirques
3.                  Move your hands straight out to your side
4.                  Walk 'one foot in front of the other'
5.                  When thoughts arise, acknowledge them, and let them come and go like passing cars.

Ideas behind:

                     Rapid concentration on your balance rather than your thoughts.

Getting asleep

1.                  Take a warm shower
2.                  Walk slowly to your bed
3.                  Sit down slowly onto the bed
4.                  Close your eyes
5.                  Move your attention to your nostrils
6.                  Feel as air goes through your nostrils in and out for ~2 minutes
7.                  Say to yourself that your bed is only for sleeping and not for anything else
8.                  When thoughts arise, acknowledge them, and let them come and go like passing cars
9.                  Quick praying in your mind also helps
10.              Make yourself deeply yawn ~3 times
11.              Lay down on your bed

Have a good sleep...

Ideas behind:

                     Blood pressure drops when you sitting.
                     Yawning helps pump oxygen though lungs and enrich your blood.

I am currently trailing my other methods and will publish them as soon as they are ready.

If you find these methods working for you please donate generously.

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